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In case your car, truck, or motorcycle experiences a breakdown on the roadside, feel free to reach out to FRC Aurora Towing for swift assistance. No matter where you are in Douglas, Adams, or Arapahoe County, we’ll efficiently transport you to a certified mechanic.

Conventional Towing

When faced with a breakdown in the midst of heavy traffic or during late hours, immediate assistance becomes vital. Prolonging the situation or opting for a leisurely stroll through a nearby park is not a practical solution. Instead, you require prompt towing to a trustworthy mechanic capable of swiftly addressing the issue. This is precisely where our intervention becomes crucial.

Within our range of services, we offer towing to any destination within the county. A simple call from you, providing details of your stranded location, is all it takes for us to mobilize quickly, ensuring your vehicle and you are securely loaded onto the wrecker. There’s no need to worry; we are prepared to deliver the efficient towing solution you need. Rest assured that our reliable team will stand by your side, ensuring the swift transportation of your vehicle to the appropriate repair destination.

Flatbed Towing

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When it comes to flatbed towing, rely on FRC Aurora Towing as your dependable solution for all your requirements. We offer the benefit of towing your vehicle without accruing any unnecessary mileage. Moreover, our flatbed towing service extends to the transport of your boat.

Opting for a flatbed for your vehicle guarantees a safer journey, effectively minimizing the potential for damage during transit. Precision and security are of utmost importance in every facet of our service at FRC Aurora Towing. You can have confidence in the thorough fastening and meticulous handling of everything, providing you with a sense of peace throughout the towing process.

If the need for a tow arises and you harbor concerns about potential damage from conventional wreckers, hesitate no more. A simple call to us will set our flatbed towing service in motion, addressing your needs and ensuring your vehicle or boat arrives at its destination unharmed and in impeccable condition. FRC Aurora Towing stands resolute, prepared to streamline and safeguard your towing experience.

Heavy-Duty Towing

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At FRC Aurora Towing, we recognize that certain vehicles surpass the capabilities of a typical wrecker. In such instances, we arrive prepared with a fully equipped integrated tow truck capable of adeptly handling any situation.

An integrated tow truck is essentially a semi-truck fitted with an expansive flatbed specifically designed to accommodate oversized loads, such as buses and RVs. If your vehicle exceeds the dimensions compatible with a standard wrecker, there’s no need to worry. A simple call to us will promptly activate the deployment of our specialized integrated tow truck, tailored to meet your specific needs.

FRC Aurora Towing is equipped with the necessary tools for all towing requirements, ensuring that regardless of the vehicle’s size or category, we can handle it both effectively and securely. Therefore, when confronted with a towing predicament involving an outsized vehicle, rely on us to provide the optimal solution through our dependable integrated tow truck service.

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

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Whether you find yourself in need of a jump start, a tire replacement, or a refill for your gas tank, FRC Aurora Towing is poised to offer the essential assistance. Our 24/7 roadside services guarantee that you won’t be left stranded for an extended period.

Moreover, we can provide essential items such as oil and engine coolant—everything necessary to restore your vehicle’s functionality. If jumper cables prove inadequate, we are ready to supply a new battery and ensure its proper connection. Additionally, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the charging system to confirm that everything is operating as intended.

In the realm of roadside assistance, FRC Aurora Towing stands as your primary service provider. Regardless of the hour or circumstance, you can depend on us to assist you in regaining your momentum.

Should your vehicle find itself entangled in a ditch or mired in mud, find comfort in the knowledge that we are fully equipped to efficiently winch it out for you. FRC Aurora Towing possesses both the necessary equipment and the expertise required to delicately retrieve your vehicle and promptly restore its presence on the road.

Equipped with robust booms and agile quick-picks, our fleet of tow trucks is entirely capable of addressing even the most challenging and demanding predicaments. Whether your vehicle is awkwardly positioned in a rusty culvert or firmly entrenched in deep mud, our skilled team will swiftly and adeptly extricate it, exercising precision and caution throughout the process. Despite the apparent complexity of the situation, we are well-prepared to tackle the challenge and promptly reinstate your vehicle’s mobility. Rely on our capability to deliver reliable and efficient winching services, ensuring you’re swiftly back on your journey without the added burden of inconvenience or harm.


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EV Towing

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Effectively navigating the complexities of EV towing demands a specialized approach that sets it apart from conventional towing practices. Electric vehicles, lacking a neutral gear, require heightened care to prevent damage during towing. Recognizing this distinctive challenge, FRC Aurora Towing emerges as your reliable solution for EV towing.

Our dedicated service acknowledges the unique needs of electric vehicles, ensuring utmost caution to safeguard their intricate components. In contrast to traditional towing methods, EVs are best transported using a flatbed truck, mitigating any risk associated with wheels turning or potential damage to sensitive drivetrain elements. FRC Aurora Towing is well-prepared with the necessary expertise and specialized flatbed trucks, guaranteeing a safe and secure tow for your electric vehicle. Trust us to handle your EV with the care it deserves, delivering a reliable and damage-free towing experience tailored to the distinctive requirements of electric vehicles.

Navigating the busy traffic within the tri-county area can be overwhelming, prompting some to consider the transition to motorcycle riding. However, if you ever find yourself in a breakdown scenario with your motorcycle, skip the idea of calling your girlfriend from her workplace—instead, contact FRC Aurora Towing.

Our specialized dollies and flatbeds are meticulously crafted to accommodate motorcycles of all dimensions and styles. Take comfort in the knowledge that our skilled drivers possess the necessary expertise to tow your motorcycle swiftly, securely, and without causing any damage.

When confronted with road troubles on your motorcycle during your open-road journeys, simply give FRC Aurora Towing a call, and we’ll promptly be there to offer our assistance. Regardless of the nature of your towing needs, you can rely on us to provide the appropriate solutions, leveraging our extensive experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and skilled professionals.

Motorcycle Towing

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Lockout Service

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If you ever find yourself in the situation of accidentally locking your keys inside your car, opt for the secure and skillful solution provided by FRC Aurora Towing’s lockout service. Our swift and reliable assistance ensures your reentry into your vehicle without causing any damage to the glass. Equipped with the appropriate tools and technology, we will expertly unlock your car, sparing you the inconvenience and expenses associated with a shattered window. Trust our team to handle the situation with proficiency and meticulous care, ensuring your swift return to the road without needing a broom to clean up broken glass.

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